Congressman Donald Norcross

Representing the 1st District of New Jersey
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America's Workers

Our national workforce keeps our country running and provides invaluable services we often take for granted. Nobody should have to work multiple jobs or extraordinary hours to provide for their family, save for retirement or feel financially secure. As an electrician by trade, I know the best social program in the world is a job and I believe every worker must have an opportunity to succeed, which starts with fair pay. Women have made great strides in history, but it’s time they receive equal pay for equal work and the opportunity to maintain a work and family balance. We need to ensure working families have fair wages, safe working conditions, and a voice in the workplace. ​


More on America's Workers

Feb 23 2018
News Release
“I appreciate this vote of confidence as a voice for working families. I participated in the multiemployer pension system for 37 years, as both a rank-and-file worker and a negotiator. I know that millions of workers have earned their pensions and deserve safe, secure retirements.”
Feb 14 2018
News Release
“Millions of workers deserve a safe, secure retirement and, at the same time, employers deserve predictability and flexibility without excess liability. By focusing on the partnership between employees and employers, our bipartisan solution combines key features of defined benefit and defined contribution plans and is a win-win-win – for employees, employers and our economy as a whole.”
Feb 12 2018
News Release
“Candidate Trump’s top promise was to provide a trillion dollars to repair our infrastructure, but after over a year in office, he’s only provided for his billionaire buddies."
Jan 30 2018
News Release
Following President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, Congressman Norcross said: “Many working men and women voted for candidate Trump because they believed his promise to rebuild our infrastructure, create jobs and raise wages. But now, President Trump is failing to deliver on his promises, and he’s only doing things to make the rich richer, divide Americans, and make our country less secure. This is worse than all talk and no action. Trump is all talk and bad actions.”
Jan 22 2018
News Release
“Republicans hold the House… the Senate… and the White House – and for the first time in our country’s history, they caused a government shutdown under single-party control."
Jan 20 2018
News Release
“It should never have come to this. I’m deeply disappointed in my colleagues on the other side of the aisle for doing this, but am ready and willing to work together to get America back up and running."
Jan 16 2018
News Release
“Governor Murphy understands that middle-class families are experiencing a long-term decline in their economic security and that we need to make our economy work for everyone. I strongly support his call for Congress and the State Legislature to raise wages for hardworking Americans.”
Dec 21 2017
News Release
“Republican shortsightedness continues with this short-term funding bill that short-changes the American public. It fails to provide a much-needed raise to the minimum wage and ignores the needs of American workers, DREAMers, veterans, children and those struggling with the disease of addiction."
Dec 19 2017
News Release
“Today Republicans in Congress chose to line the pockets of billionaires, the Trump family and big corporations at the expense of New Jersey families."
Dec 4 2017
News Release
“The tax scam that’s moving quickly through Congress crushes New Jersey families while rewarding billionaires and prioritizing corporate profits."