Congressman Donald Norcross

Representing the 1st District of New Jersey
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News Releases

Sep 24 2020
“As we continue to face both an economic crisis and a climate crisis, we must modernize our energy infrastructure to grow jobs and protect our environment."
Sep 24 2020
“This bill provides students and workers all over the country the ability to pursue apprenticeship opportunities by strengthening the proven and successful models developed by the Registered Apprenticeship Program. Expanding access to apprenticeship opportunities will connect workers with stable, good-paying jobs and accelerate our economic recovery.”
Sep 18 2020
“America has lost perhaps the most revered, principled and visionary jurist in the history of our Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg."
Sep 17 2020
“As an electrician, I know firsthand that education and job training is not one-size-fits-all. A registered apprenticeship program shaped my life – laying the foundation for me to go from construction work to Congress.”
Sep 14 2020
“I recently had the honor of joining U.S. Navy leadership and watching as 2,500 pounds of molten alloy was poured to create the first propulsor mold for the Columbia program, a program which will ensure our Navy remains unrivaled at sea."
Sep 11 2020
“Health care centers like CAMcare and Project HO.P.E. provide high-quality health care for our South Jersey residents who are most in need."
Sep 10 2020
"Our first responders are more vital to us now than ever before, and this federal funding will help protect those who are keeping us safe through the pandemic."
Sep 4 2020
“This remarkable man, with South Jersey roots, understood the American workforce is our greatest asset.”
Sep 1 2020
“We are still in the midst of both a public health emergency and an economic crisis, and our local businesses urgently need relief."
Aug 26 2020
“The women of that time did not wait for change; they demanded it. Our right to vote is sacred, and we will not stop fighting until ALL eligible Americans are afforded the same right."