Congressman Donald Norcross

Representing the 1st District of New Jersey
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News Releases

May 10 2018
“In an ever-changing and volatile world, we must ensure our military has the tools and manpower needed to defend our nation.”
May 9 2018
Legislation Restores Workers’ Right to Collective Bargaining, Ends ‘Right to Work’ Laws
“Workers win when they band together and use their voices to raise wages and standards in the workplace.”
May 8 2018
Congress’ Only Electrician Filmed Episode of Long-Running PBS Series to Air in the Fall
"This Old House is bringing much-needed attention to apprenticeships with Generation NEXT and I hope our collaborations help us lift up high-quality career training programs.”
May 8 2018
"The ‘moocher state’ Republicans that voted against Sandy aid in the first place are now trying to use every trick in the book to suck New Jersey dry."
May 8 2018
“My concerns about the deal remain and, today, I am also troubled by the current Administration’s failure to create a coherent strategy to keep the United States and Israel safe."
May 8 2018
"By including job training in the recovery process, we are investing in our friends, neighbors, sons and daughters when they need us most, and our economy will be stronger as a result.”
May 7 2018
“These funds will go a long way to change lives and help transform neighborhoods in South Jersey and I’m proud to have supported this funding in my district."
Apr 26 2018
“Congress has taken a step in the right direction, but we still need to do more to help curb the opioid epidemic. Leaders in Congress and the Administration should advance the whole suite of bills supported by the Bipartisan Heroin Task Force because one preventable death is too many.”
Apr 25 2018
“We’re seeing a great Camden revitalization – with more jobs, less crime and better educational opportunities – and this federal funding will help add to that growth.”
Apr 23 2018
“In New Jersey, deaths from heroin and fentanyl overdoses more than tripled in the last five years. It’s clear we need to take new, innovative approaches to save lives."