Congressman Donald Norcross

Representing the 1st District of New Jersey
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As leaders, we must ensure that our nation’s finances are balanced and that federal spending is sensible. Our government is most effective when it has a budget in place that minds the deficit and eliminates sequestration, but also funds critical programs. We need to address the national debt by cutting wasteful spending, boosting tax revenue and investing in programs that promote growth and create jobs.

I am working with my colleagues to achieve a responsible budget that properly funds national defense, provides more resources to heal our veterans and puts people back to work as we rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure.

More on Budget

Dec 4 2017
News Release
“The tax scam that’s moving quickly through Congress crushes New Jersey families while rewarding billionaires and prioritizing corporate profits."
Nov 13 2017
News Release
Governor-elect Phil Murphy and Democratic members of the New Jersey House delegation discussed the impact of the House Republican’s tax plan on New Jersey. The plan is estimated to cost many New Jersey families thousands of dollars a year.
Nov 2 2017
News Release
"This Republican bill just rewards billionaires, prioritizes corporate profits and screws working families."
Oct 26 2017
News Release
“The Ryan-McConnell-Trump tax plan is a giveaway to billionaires, and it’s paid for by New Jersey families who will lose their critical state and local tax deduction. Americans must reject this plan that will do nothing to create jobs, raise wages and bring real relief for working families.”
Sep 27 2017
News Release
“I urge Americans to reject this plan and demand that Republicans finally work with Democrats to actually create jobs, raise wages, and bring real relief to working families.”
Jul 18 2017
News Release
“With this budget, Republicans have made it clear that the America they live in belongs to billionaires and that hard-working American families must shoulder the burden."
Jun 19 2017
News Release
U.S. Congressmen Donald Norcross, Frank LoBiondo and Tom MacArthur sent a bipartisan letter with 67 of their colleagues to Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin protesting the Administration’s plan to eliminate the federal deduction for state and local taxes. The elimination of this deduction would be especially detrimental to high-tax states like New Jersey, California, New York and Illinois.
May 24 2017
News Release
"The CBO score proves what we already knew: This latest version of TrumpCare is still a tax break for the very wealthy disguised as ‘care’ for American families."
May 23 2017
News Release
“President Trump is again exposing his true priorities with this proposed budget – help for billionaires at the expense of hard-working American families."
May 4 2017
News Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Donald Norcross (NJ-01) issued the following statement on his NO vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that barely passed the House of Representatives with a vote 217-213:

“Only two groups will benefit from this so-called health care bill: billionaires and undertakers.

“TrumpCare is simply a tax break for the super wealthy at the expense of our families, and it will literally put millions of lives at risk.