Congressman Donald Norcross

Representing the 1st District of New Jersey
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Health Care

Access to quality and affordable health care is critical to our prosperity as a nation. Our current healthcare system focuses largely on treating symptoms, not finding cures so our priority should be funding cutting edge research. Social Security and Medicare are critical safety net programs that serve our nation’s most vulnerable, so we need to ensure their benefits meet the needs of American seniors by accurately reflecting their cost of living. Over the past hundred years, scientists have made great strides in combatting deadly diseases such as polio and the measles, both of which have been virtually eliminated in the United States. We need to support initiatives that increase investment and create opportunities for great scientific breakthroughs.

More on Health Care

Jul 12 2019
News Release
“These grants will help advance cutting-edge projects in South Jersey and help ensure students and teachers are ready for the demands of the 21st century economy.”
Jun 19 2019
News Release
"Today, we took action to fund quality education for our children and grandchildren, and we strengthened workers’ rights and safety to help correct the growing gap between CEOs and rank-and-file workers."
Jun 10 2019
News Release
"These grants will help advance the impressive work at two of New Jersey’s premiere educational institutions, and I look forward to seeing the next game-changing discovery happen right here in our backyard."
May 16 2019
News Release
"When Americans have to choose between food or medicine, the system is broken. Our families are crying out for relief from out-of-control prices and unaccountable drug companies."
May 9 2019
News Release
"I voted for this act because I know we must work to expand access to coverage – not take it away."
Apr 24 2019
News Release
"South Jersey patients, pharmacists and doctors agree that high prices are forcing people to make unthinkable choices. Now, we must act to save lives."
Apr 22 2019
News Release
"We must stand together and fight for the rights of all women to have access to care and the ability to talk openly with professionals when making their own medical decisions."
Apr 3 2019
News Release
"Why would we ever want to rip coverage away from 30 million Americans and people with pre-existing conditions?!"
Mar 22 2019
News Release
"As we work together to combat high maternal and infant mortality rates in our state and communities, we rely on programs like Camden Healthy Start who work directly with women and children in need."
Mar 21 2019
News Release
"We must make sure the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect our country and communities are provided with top-notch, comprehensive health screenings."