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WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Donald Norcross (NJ-01) announced the introduction of a House Resolution expressing solidarity with workers across the country who have raised their voices to demand adequate pay, retirement benefits, and safer working conditions.

“I want every working person in this country to know – be they a machinist on the picket line or a barista organizing a union drive – that I stand with them,” said Congressman Donald Norcross. “Despite large corporations turning huge profits on the backs of workers, too many workers are not being rewarded with family-sustaining wages or benefits. It’s time to put the American worker at the heart of federal policymaking. I urge my colleagues in the House – from both parties – to sign onto my resolution and pledge to pass pro-worker legislation.”

Congressman Norcross, a graduate of an IBEW Registered Apprenticeship and a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, announced the resolution at a press conference organized by Jobs With Justice, the National Women’s Law Center, and Teamsters Union, where labor leaders and members of Congress spoke to the importance of passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. The PRO Act would create a pathway to union membership for millions of American workers and was passed by the House over 230 days ago but has not yet been brought to a vote in the Senate.

“Sixty million non-unionized workers in America would join a union today if they could. Unfortunately, because of illegal intimidation tactics from employers, many won’t ever have the chance to vote for union membership,” added Congressman Norcross. “The PRO Act will level the playing field for hard-working people and corporations that have immense resources to intimidate, disrupt, and suppress labor organizing. Our labor laws haven’t been updated since 1975, and it’s time to put the law on the side of the average worker and start holding large corporations accountable for illegal and unfair behavior.”

The month of October has been dubbed “Striketober” due to the high level of organized labor mobilization, including strikes – a tool of last resort for workers who have exhausted all other options in their fight for fair wages, benefits, and safer working conditions. Read the full resolution here.


Contact: Britton Burdick, Communications Director