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    Frequently Asked Questions - IRS

    Where can I get copies of IRS forms?
    • Order by phone:  Call 1-800-829-3676 (Mon-Fri , 7am-7pm) to order a copy to be delivered by mail.
    • Internet: Forms can be accessed on the IRS website,
    • IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers: With numerous locations around the country, these offices offer face-to-face assistance to taxpayers and provide visitors with access to necessary documents. You can locate the nearest location on the IRS website.’
    • Your Community: During tax filing season, numerous libraries and post offices offer free tax forms.
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    Who can I call if I have problems like liens, back taxes, penalties, etc.?
    • IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals: (800) 829 – 1040
    • Forms and publications: (800) 829 – 3676
    • National Taxpayer Advocate Line: (877) 777 – 4778
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    What should I do if I made a mistake on my federal return but have already filed it?
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    Do I have to pay taxes on my Social Security benefits if I retired last year and began receiving benefits?
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    What is the IRS official website?
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